James E. Adams, Superintendent of Schools

  • Photo of Superintendent of Ashland Public Schools James E. Adams

    Mr. Jim Adams began his administrative career with Ashland Public Schools in 2009 and was selected as the Superintendent of Schools in 2014.  He brings a wealth of experience as a coach, teacher, principal and administrator to his role. Before embarking on a career in education 22 years ago, Mr. Adams worked as a public accountant for the largest firm in Vermont and spent time as a college basketball coach at Middlebury College and the University of Vermont. As Superintendent of Ashland Public Schools, Mr. Adams oversees every aspect of the District, which encompasses over 2,900 students, approximately 450 employees, 5 schools, and an annual operating budget of more than $35,000,000.  Mr. Adams is most proud of his collaborative approach to leadership, spending countless hours building relationships with educators, students, community members, and town management in order to provide the best education for Ashland students and families.

     Our school community says about Superintendent Adams:

    "Jim Adams does an excellent job communicating with parents"
    "Really appreciate the 'humanity' that comes through in the messages from Mr. Adams" 
    "Thank you for your concern, leadership and guidance during these challenging (pandemic) times!"

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