• Translation and Interpretation

    The Media and Communications Office aims to provide accessible information for all. We regularly work with the English Learner Education and Student Services departments to ensure essential district messaging is accessible to our community.

    District and individual building administrators utilize Blackboard Connect Ed and Smore to provide weekly updates or emergency messages through email, text messages, phone scripts and associated recordings to students and caregivers. Students and caregivers must ensure their contact information and preferred language is up-to-date and the methods in which you want to be communicated with are correct. To update your information, contact your school administrative assistant if you need help logging into iPass.

    Additionally, we strive to utilize other communications products and tools with built-in translation services. We have compiled tips and tricks to facilitate two-way communication between school staff and our English Language Learner students or caregivers.

  • How can I translate an attachment or document?

  • How do I translate a Google form?

  • I received an email in a language I don't understand well or at all. How can I translate it?