• District Allergy Awareness Policy and Procedure

    Nutrition Services staff collaborate with parents/guardians, school nurses and students to ensure the safety of all students with food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions.
    Parents/guardians must notify both the school-specific nutrition manager and school nurse before a student with a food allergy, sensitivity and/or dietary restriction begins utilizing meal service. This requirement allows nutrition staff adequate time to check the ingredients in all products used to make the meals the student plans on eating. Notifying the Nutrition Manager and School Nurse should be done immediately after diagnosis and again prior to the start of each school year.
    School nurses identify students with food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions at the start of each school year and on a continuing basis. Any medically documented food allergy, sensitivity or dietary restriction reported to nursing staff will be shared with Nutrition Services staff. Nutrition Services staff will maintain student-specific information in the Food Services Information Database for the safety of our students. Communication between nursing staff and nutrition services staff does not take the place of parents/guardians notifying Nutrition Services.
    To ensure that appropriate students receive an allergen-free or modified meal, each student with a food allergy, sensitivity or dietary restriction must say their name to the Nutrition Services staff member who serves them their meal. Students are not required to identify or share their allergy or restriction. However, if a parent/guardian or student feels that stating the student’s allergy or restriction is important to the student’s safety, this sharing of information with Nutrition Services staff at the time of receiving a meal is welcomed.
    Parents/guardians and students can review the District’s guidelines for managing life-threatening allergies in the online policy manual.
    Please be aware that the formulation of products by manufacturers may change at any time and no notice is given to their customers.