2022-2023 School Committee Goals

  • The School Committee approved these goals for the 2022-23 school year on September 1, 2022.

Goal #1

Goal #2

  • Using findings of strategic planning process and equity audit, assess district needs and priorities for growth across all policy, academic, and operational aspects of the district.

    Create a strategic plan document outlining anticipated changes and long-term goals of the district and commit resources to incrementally implement recommended changes or initiatives.

  • Develop, update, and maintain policies that support equitable education for all students.

    Policy subcommittee to review policies for alignment with equity and inclusion goals, including being an anti-racist school district, taking into consideration feedback from equity audit.

Goal #3

Goal #4

  • Continue to prioritize the adoption and integration of Social-Emotional-Learning into our school culture, curriculum, and supports.

  • Provide an excellent, equitable and current academic curriculum infused with social-emotional growth competencies.

    Continue to stay informed on curriculum being used in the district and any changes made, including the basis for curriculum decisions, how the curriculum aligns with our School Committee and district goals, and how curriculum is impacting student outcomes.

Goal #5

Goal #6

  • Adopt policies and budget positions to attract, develop and retain a high-quality and diverse faculty and staff.

  • Collaborate with the Director of Communications on how to develop and improve School Committee communications.