Special Education Department

  • The Special Education Department at Ashland High School provides individualized instruction for students with disabilities in grades 9-12 in basic academic areas.  Students are enrolled in Resource and Academic Support courses upon recommendation of the Special Education TEAM. Parents or students (if over 18 years of age) indicate approval by acceptance of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed on an annual basis, with a complete re evaluation every three years. Classes are limited to 9-12 students based upon staffing and student needs. The curriculum for each student is individualized and reflected by the goals and objectives in the IEP. Additional supportive services, in the form of assessment and consultation, are provided by related service providers, to help students benefit from their instructional program in special education.  

    Staff                                                           Male teacher helping female student with homework

    Brittany SmeltekopTEAM Chairperson  
    Sharon AmesSpeech & Language Pathologist  
    Patricia Davis Physical Therapist                                                                       
    TBA - School Psychologist   
    Davina McNaney School Psychologist

    Special Education Teachers

    Erin Cameron, Sara Finn, Holly LeBlanc, Geoffrey Mostow, John Noel, Jonathan Parker 

    Educational Support Personnel 

    David Bethel, Joanne Boccelli, Matthew Fawcett, Emily Frank, Marcia Harrison, Brenda Iannarilli, Vinita Laad, Cynthia Laurora, Robert Pergakis