Mathematics Department

  • College preparatory academic courses should include courses in algebra, geometry and advanced math.  Students considering a major in math, science, architecture, or engineering should consider a fifth year of math, including calculus.  

    Course Sequence Flowchart: A number of math classes require other courses as prerequisites.  View this course flowchart to understand the sequence order when scheduling your math classes.  

    Staff websites can be found by clicking on the TEACHERS link at the top of the page                                                        hand holding pencil over graph paper with calculus calculations writting on it

    Michael Shennett - Department Liaison
    Charles Alberts - Academic Decathalon Club Advisor
    Catherine Dicken - Leos Club Advisor  
    Katie Eburn 
    Chad McGowan
    - Makerspace Mentors Club Advisor, Yearbook Editorial Advisor  
    Stephen O'Leary
    Suzanne Reap  - Community Service Coordinator, Yearbook Editorial/Fnancial Co-Advisor   
    Erika Thomson - Math Team Club Advisor, Student Council Co-Advisor 
    Joshua WiczerStudent Council Co-Advisor

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