• The Koplik Scholarship criteria has been updated for the Class of 2023.  The Koplik Scholarship is a scholarship that can be used towards any senior attending an in-state public college or University (including Community College).  Qualification is based on initial MCAS scores AND demonstration of mastery in two subjects.  


    * Initial MCAS qualifying score: students need a minimum ELA score of 501 OR Math score of 504 and then a minimum score of 472 (ELA), 486 (Math) on the remaining section.  

    * Students must demonstrate mastery in TWO other areas in order to be eligible for the scholarship.  They are:

    • Score of 3 or above in an AP exam (if using two exams to demonstrate mastery, they cannot be in the same subject)
    • Certification of Outstanding Achievement in a subject (this can only be used for one area of mastery).  This form is completed by the student, and signed by the school counselor: Certification of Achievement
    • Certification of Advanced Coursework (this can be used for Honors or Advanced Placement courses): Certification of Advanced Coursework
    • Certification of Community/Family Leadership: Certification of Community Leadership


    * Forms must be completed by the students, but can be signed by the counselor for verification.

    * The deadline to apply is MONDAY, MAY 1st.  All Koplik applications must be completed and submitted to Mr. McGann by this date.

    * For more detailed information about the Koplik Scholarship, go to: https://www.doe.mass.edu/scholarships/mastery/


    Koplik Application Form