Welcome, Parents!

    The move to Ashland High School marks the beginning of a new experience for you and your student. Our rigorous academic programs, co-curricular activitiesCommunity Education activities, and community service initiatives provide our students with many opportunities to explore new interests and expand their horizons. We encourage students to get involved in the numerous sports, clubs and activities that are a large part of AHS student life. These activities provide connections with other students, faculty, staff and coaches, which are so important in making a successful transition to a new school.

    Partnering with Guidance

    This website will help you navigate your student's years with the guidance department.  We encourage you to explore the links on the panel to the left and see all the guidance department has to offer, from enrolling a new student, selecting courses, and planning for college and career, to working with support services when a student needs help with personal issues.

    Please see the year-by-year timelines to understand what each year will bring, and feel free to reference the glossary of terms if you come across concepts that are new to you.  You may also gain insights from the Frequently Asked Questions.

    As a starting point, please subscribe to the AHS Morning Announcements to stay abreast of guidance announcements in the Parent’s Corner -- this will keep you up-to-date on what's happening at your child's school.

    We also recommend you become familiar with the following two documents (you may wish to bookmark them on-line) and reference them frequently:

    • The Student Handbook gives you the lay of the land at Ashland High School, including communication channels, policies, academics, sports, activities, health services and more.
    • The Program of Studies (POS) explains graduation requirements, the different course levels and grading, and includes individual course descriptions.

    As you have questions along the way, please call or make an appointment to see us.  We look forward to working with you and your student(s)!

    Parents Have a Lot to Offer Too!

    We encourage parents and guardians to get involved in Ashland High School and share their talents with the Ashland community (grandparents, etc. too!).  Although these are the years when we collectively aim to empower students to advocate for themselves as appropriate, studies continue to show that students best meet their full potential when parents are in step and supportive.  Extracurricular activities are enhanced by parent volunteers, and the district can use your skills in a myriad of ways.  Please feel free to contact teachers, coaches, administrators and guidance counselors to discuss ways to contribute, or share ideas you have for innovative ways of helping.  If you have particular expertise that ties into our academic offerings, please consider volunteering in our Study Skills room!

    Parent Organizations

    Ashland has several non-profit organizations to support our schools, our children and our families:

    These groups are entirely volunteer run.  Through them we are able to build an incredible sense of community, and bring exciting programs and resources to the district.  Each would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and see what a good fit may be for your time and talents.  Please consider taking a leadership role if you can, or just pitch in for an hour here and there as your schedule allows -- everyone's contributions are greatly appreciated and we always need new volunteers in the pipeline to keep these organizations running.  Those in current roles are happy to show you the ropes!