• Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance: Ashland Preschool has a limited amount of funds to support financial assistance for families that are Direct Certified from the state. Assistance is available for half day programming (AM or PM sessions) for families who are registered and meet eligibility requirements.

    If your household is currently Direct Certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, please complete the waiver form and indicate your status.  Please send the completed form to: dlowell@ashland.k12.ma.us, so we can verify your eligibility.


    To qualify for a Waiver of Preschool Financial Assistance with Tuition,  you will need to be receiving SNAP Benefits and/or TAFDC assistance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


    To apply for these benefits please go online to MASS.GOV/DTA and select the benefits you want to apply for and follow the online instructions.


    Once you have been approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, please mail or scan a copy of your award letter along with your waiver request to:  dlowell@ashland.k12.ma.us.


    >>> Financial Waiver Request Form <<<

    The first round of funding support will be reported on
    July 1, 2024 and we will be in contact with families who have indicated financial need (via email to Donna Lowell with completed waiver form and award letter) and verified through the Business Office by July 15th


    If you do not qualify or qualify for a reduced amount, that payment must be received by August 1st or your child will be withdrawn. 


    Financial assistance status will be reviewed frequently and updated halfway through the 10 month payment period. 


    Any registrations submitted after July 1, 2024 or changes in financial status will be reviewed and are funding dependent. 


    If you are having financial, food or housing insecurities, you can also contact the Town of Ashland Social Worker - Courtney Loughlin at (508) 532-7946, or email her @ cloughlin@ashlandmass.com.